YXK, Europan bizi diren Kurdistango ikasle antolakundeak oharra helarazi digu azken egunotan Turkian gertatu diren istilluen harira.

Azken egunetan ikusi dugu nola Turkiako kaleak istiluz bete diren. Beti bezala, mas medietako irudiek atzeko arazoa eskutatzeko nahiak izan dituzte. …
Turkiako Gobernu Antidemokratikoa dela aspalditik dakigu, nahiz eta demokraziapean estali eta Europar Batasuneko gertuko lagun bezala agertu. Askotan okzidentalizatutako musulman bezala aurkezten dute Turkia.

Hala ere, egoera bestelakoa da, eta azken eguntako gertakariak, gorroto ez azaleratuaren adierazle dira. Egoera jakin batean eztanda egiten dutenak. Kurdistaneko jendarteak aspalditik exijitzen diote Turkiako gobernuari demokraziaren bidea hartzeko, eta horregatik idatzi dute gure lagunek adierazpen hau. Bukaeran, gertakariak nola eman diren ikusteko bideoak daude.

Union of Students from Kurdistan – YXK

On 29 May, when a group of environmental activists – among them Sirri Süreyya Önder, MP of the Party for Freedom and Democracy (BDP) – gathered in Gezi Park, no one could have foreseen the impact this demonstration would have. The reason for the protest was the planned redevelopment of Gezi Park; the cutting down of trees to make way for a shopping mall. In 2011, this decision was made unanimously by the city council, also including votes from the CHP. A violent police crackdown followed and many protesters were arrested.

The violence of the police response has clearly been completely disproportionate. Countless people were injured; pictures of victims went viral on social media networks. Images of tank imprints on people’s backs or people who passed out due to tear gas were set alongside provocative statements by high ranking politicians such as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who declared that the ‘disruption attempts’ by ‘radical elements’ could not stop the construction work. After three days the protests have achieved something unprecedented: on 1 June, hundred thousands of people demonstrated on Taksim Square and many more took part throughout Turkey. The protesters in Istanbul resisted attacks by the police so vehemently that the ‘security’ forces were forced to retreat. The police killed at least two people and seriously injured many more, some of them very badly.

Clearly, Turkey is currently going through a sensitive phase. There are talks between the Turkish state and members of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) and Abdullah Öcalan in order to resolve a conflict that has been going on for decades. The guerrilla forces are withdrawing to the Kandil mountains of South Kurdistan. However, thousands of political prisoners are still held in Turkish prisons or are about to be convicted. The fascist party Nationalist Movement (MHP) and the Republican People’s Party (CHP) are continuously sabotaging the peace negotiations. Western countries, such as the USA, France and Germany and their politic positions are another obstacle on the road to peace. The Kurds deeply distrust Erdoğan, recalling his insincere calls for dialogue, only to secure his power base in Eastern Turkey before the elections in 2011. Since then an unprecedented wave of arrests – worse than during the time of the military coup – took its course. Military action against Kurdish guerrilla peaked. The goal was to destroy the pro-Kurdish opposition, the term ‘Tamil Solution’ was used. Only after a mass mobilisation of the Kurdish movement for freedom took place, was the state forced back to the negotiation table.

The most recent events in and around Taksim Square, the rhetoric used by Erdoğan, the ruthlessness of the police violence, have shown that the Turkish state still follows the same paradigms as it did before the party for Justice and Development (AKP) took power. The main objective of the state is still to wield complete power over society. The same state violence was used by Kemalists and fascists to oppose demands for more democracy and is still being used by the AKP today. It is even more ironic that pseudo-protesters of the CHP and MHP portray themselves as guardians of democracy. Hence, the problem is not the person who is in power but the authoritarian nature of the state itself. That is why we need to continue and expand our struggle against the state.

As Student Union of Kurdistan – YXK – we will continue to work towards the creation of a democratic, ecological and just society. We condemn the violent actions of the Turkish state and call upon all our members to show their solidarity by organising protests. We call all democratic organisations and sophisticated people who want a real democracy in Turkey, across religious, ethnic, national, gender, age, culture or class divisions to act together in order to stop the ultra-nationalists of the CHP and MHP from capitalising on this democratic protests and use it as a platform to spread their hateful nationalist propaganda.

Long live international solidarity!

Long live the brotherhood of peoples!

With solidarity greetings,

Union of Students from Kurdistan – YXK

Pictures giving evidence about the police terror in Turkey you can find here: http://delilimvar.tumblr.com


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